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List of Registered Papers:

Congratulations! The decision has been informed to the respective authors. Competition was intense and many promising contributions could regrettably not be accepted.

FINAL Schedule

List of registered papers...
  • A Low Cost Charcoal Film Based Moisture Sensor: fabrication and computing
  • Analysis of SMAW parameters using Self Organizing Maps and Probability Density Distributions
  • Inverted LSB Image Steganography
  • Emerging Ontology Formulation of Optimized Internet of Things (IoT) Services with Cloud Computing
  • Trend Analysis of Retail Chain using Statistical Analysis System
  • A survey of an Effective Preprocessing Algorithm for Information Retrieval
  • An Adaptive Feedforward filtered-x LMS Algorithm for Interior Noise Control – A review
  • Brain Tumor Classification from MRI Images and Calculation of Tumor Area
  • The Min-transitive Fuzzy Left-Relation \lambda_d(A, B) on Intervals: A Generalization of \lambda(A, B)
  • Rule-Based Customer Churn Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Network Based and Rough Set Theory
  • Sigmoidal Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm
  • Concrete Mix Design Optimization Using a Multi-Objective Cuckoo Search Algorithm
  • 3D Scene Reconstruction of vision information for mobile robot applications
  • SCM Enterprise solution using Soft Computing Techniques
  • Modeling & Comparative Analysis of Connecting Rod
  • Performance Analysis of the State-of-the-Art Neural Named Entity Recognition Model on Judicial Domain
  • Integrated Design of Model Based Passive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems Based on PID and Fuzzy Control
  • Performance Analysis of Evolutionary Technique Based Partitional Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Dragon-AODV: Efficient Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol using Dragon Fly Algorithm
  • Comparative Analysis of Post Wavelet denoising for interpolated images having various Noises
  • Analysis of OLSR and GPSR Routing Protocols in Airborne Networks for UDP and TCP Environment
  • Deep Neural Network Model for Monthly Natural Gas Prediction
  • Revisiting Cloud Security Threats: IP Spoofing
  • Query-oriented Patent Document Summarization System
  • Further results on the stability of discrete-time state-delayed systems under the influence of saturation nonlinearities
  • Sentiment Analysis of IPL Teams using Supervised Machine Learning Approach
  • Cryptosystem based on Double Random Phase Encryption in Hybrid Transform Domain
  • Sustainable Supplier Selection Using Combined Thinking Process
  • An Integrated Fuzzy based Methodology for Selection of Casting Pattern Material
  • Efficient VM placement Policy for Data Centre in Cloud Environment
  • Digital Image Forensics using Local Optimal Oriented Pattern and ELM
  • Feature Extraction Based Segmentation of Anti-Personnel Landmines and Its Optimization using Genetic Algorithm
  • Image Steganography: Hiding Secrets in Random LSB Pixels
  • A Survey of Similarity Measures for Collaborative Filtering based Recommender System
  • Function Classification of EEG Signal for Human Computer Interface
  • Robust Control of Flexible Link Manipulator
  • Peregrine Preying Pattern based Differential Evolution
  • User Authentication in Big Data
  • A New Reputation Based Algorithm (RBA) to Detect Malicious Nodes in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)
  • Implementation of Single Image Dehazing System on DSP TMS320C6748 Processor
  • Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm With Hyperbolic Spiral Based Local Search
  • The hardware design prospective of object detection by using background subtraction techniques: an analytical review
  • Performance of Elementary Schools by Data Envelopment Analysis and Differential Evolution
  • Meta-heuristics for Branched Network Problems
  • A GEANT4 simulation studies on estimating the efficiency of B10 based Stacked Semiconductor Neutron Detector
  • Fuzzy Clustering Based Process-Monitoring Strategy for a Multistage Manufacturing Facility
  • Investigation of Filter Bank Multi-Carrier aided OFDM system
  • Fuzzy multi-objective reliability optimization of the mixed series-parallel system using hybrid NSGA-II
  • Effective Approach for Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews
  • A Make –Span based Framework for Detection of SLA Violations in Cloud Computing Environment
  • Integer Wavelet Transform and Chaotic Map based ECG Steganography of Patients’ Confidential Data in e-healthcare Systems
  • Effective Approach for Sentiment Analysis of Food Delivery Apps
  • Inferential Aspects of Doubly Truncated Generalized Gaussian Distribution
  • No-wait flowshop scheduling problem with bicriteria of idle time and makespan
  • Classification of brain MRI using deep learning techniques
  • Multi-Factor Based Energy Efficient Algorithm for Clustering and Routing in WSN
  • Maximize Resource Utilization Using ACO in Cloud Computing Environment for Load Balancing
  • Biased Maps in Modified Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Space and Common Fixed Point Results
  • Performance Analysis of Jaya Algorithm using CEC’2013 Benchmark Functions
  • Comparative Analysis of SEP, I-SEP and PSO based Clustering Protocols in WSN
  • AI based recommendation system for social networking
  • Agriculture Monitoring System using IoT – A Survey
  • A Hybrid Image Steganography using Chaotic Maps in DCT Domain
  • Implementation of Quasi Euclidean Distance Based Similarity model for Retrieving Information from OHSUMED Data Set
  • M2P2: Movie’s trailer reviews based Movie Popularity Prediction system
  • Proposed Model/Framework to avoid Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) at early stage
  • Navigation System for Visually Impaired Using Li-Fi Technology
  • A new Protein Sequence Classification approach using Positional-Average values of features
  • Analytical Approach to Cross Project Defect Prediction
  • Detection and Classification of Citrus Leaf Disease using Hybrid Features
  • Short Term Load Forecasting using Parametric and Non-Parametric approaches
  • Analysis of Dynamic and Static Scheduling Algorithms in Soft Real-Time System with its Implementation
  • Particulate matter estimation based on haze degree factor
  • Audio Transmission over Wavelet based Wireless VOIP
  • Revisiting Requirements Documentation Techniques and Challenges
  • A review of parabolic trough collector and its modeling
  • Processing and Properties of SiC/SiC Composites
  • Advances in the development of aerospace materials- A Review
  • A Fault Localization technique in Object Oriented testing using Support Vector Machine
  • Underwater Object Detection and Tracking
  • Drift Diffusion Model Parameters Underlying Cognitive Mechanism and Perceptual Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • A study of Spectral Data Processing with Emphasis on Spectral Similarity Measures for Hyperspectral Image Processing
  • Accessibility Evaluation of Private and Public Websites in India
  • Parallel Selective Sampling for Imbalance Data Sports Activities
  • A novel approach for Handwritten Character Recognition using K-NN Classifier
  • Fuzzy Particle Swarm Page Rank Clustering Algorithm
  • VEDL: a novel Video Event searching technique using Deep Learning
  • Online Prediction of Behaviour Using Machine Learning
  • Design of Wearable Antennas for Body Area Networks
  • State of the Art Object Recognition Techniques: A Comparative Study
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Healthcare Domain- A brief Review
  • Image Fusion and Its Separation Using SVD based ICA Method
  • Design of Wearable Health and Hazard Monitoring Device
  • A source & ownership Identification framework for Mobile based messenger applications
  • Analysis of Cryptographic Communications Using Bit-plane Measures and Fuzzy Computing
  • Impact of Spacer Engineering on Hybrid Channel Junctionless Transistor Performance
  • Politics in the Cloud: A Review of Cloud Technology Applications in the Domain of Politics
  • Applications of Metaheuristics in Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Paradigm Shift of Water Demand Forecasting Techniques
  • A Brief Review on Multi-objective Differential Evolution
  • Denoising of Continuous Glucose Monitoring signal with Adaptive SG Filter
  • Design of FOPID Controller for Regulating Anesthesia
  • Machine learning application for plant wide oscillation detection in control loops
  • Feature preserving regularized Savitzky-Golay filter for ultrasonic images
  • Sentimental Analysis Using Twitter to Predict The 2019 PM Elections
  • Quantification of Thought Analysis of Alcohol-addicted persons and memory loss of patients suffering from stage 4 liver cancer
  • Improved Parameter Estimation of Smart grid by hybridization of Kalman filter with Bayesian approach
  • Performance of Cooperative Relaying Techniques over Different Fading Channels in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Deep convolutional neural network with transfer learning for prediction in cervical cancer
  • Automatic extraction of vessels from newly accessible dataset
  • Optimization of wear behavior of AZ91D-SiC-Gr hybrid composites using Taguchi experimental design
  • Development of Disaster Management and Awareness System using Twitter Analysis: A Case study of 2018 Kerala Floods
  • Different Approach of Classification of Brain Tumor In MRI Using Gabor Filters for Feature Extraction
  • Review on Analysis Techniques for Road Pothole Detection
  • Early stage detection of Psoriasis using Articial Intelligence and Image Processing
  • Modelling of reverse osmosis desalination process using PSO-ANN prediction technique
  • High Performance Fuzzy C-Means Image Clustering Based on Adaptive Frequency Domain Filtering & Morphological Reconstruction
  • Content Based Retrieval of Multimedia Information Using Multiple Similarity Indexes
  • Handwritten Devanagari Character Generation using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network
  • Data Integrity Authentication Techniques in Cloud Computing: A Survey
  • Lossless Color Image Watermarking based on Lifting Scheme and GWO for Copy Right Protection
  • An Integrated TOE-DoI framework for Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia
  • Industrial simulation of PID & modified-MPID controllers for Interconnecting coupled system
  • A Monte-Carlo Simulation Study of the Angular Correlations by using Z+Jets events at center of mass energy of 14 TeV
  • Generalized Mathematical modeling of MEE for calculation of steam efficiency and steam consumption
  • Controller Design Strategies for Load Frequency Control in Power System
  • DVCC Based Oscillator and Bandpass Filter with Grounded Passive Components
  • Decadal growth of BCIs: a Review
  • Export Performance and Comparative Advantage of India in Healthcare Merchandise Export
  • A New System Approximation based Approach for Modelling of DC-DC Converter
  • Temperature as a predictor of Neonatal Sepsis
  • Isomorphic Sub graph for identification of singleton attractors of Boolean Networks
  • Integrating User Preference Approach with TOPSIS to evaluate the quality of pulp
  • Online Estimation of liquid viscosity and density based on Artificial Neural Network Approach
  • Security Issues in Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Systems: Problem and Prospects
  • Comparative Analysis of Internet of Things Monitoring Devices in Smart Agriculture using Deep Learning Techniques

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31st August, 2018--CLOSED--
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20 September, 2018
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21 October, 2018--CLOSED--
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25 October, 2018--CLOSED--
Date of Conference :
21 - 23 December, 2018

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