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Selected Workshop(s)

  1. EEG based Cognitive Brain Mapping using MATLAB
  2. Applications of Image Processing:
    • Image Watermarking for forgery detection and self-recovery
    • Object detection and tracking
Workshop #1              TOP

Title of the Workshop:
- EEG based Cognitive Brain Mapping using MATLAB
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Rashima Mahajan
- Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (Deemed-to-be University), Faridabad
Email addresses:
Description of the special session/workshop:
- The participants will be instructed in EEG signal basics, signal recording and subsequent analysis in both time & frequency domain. The event related potential (ERP) and spectral analysis of real time EEG signals shall be elaborated in detail with required hand-on training, to identify the correlated neural state. The participants will get exposure about how an acquired EEG signal can be utilized for the automated control application. The development of a brain computer interface using EEG for control applications shall be explained. It will be followed by embedded hardware interfacing with MATLAB and SIMULINK. The demonstration to control the interfaced hardware using acquired brain signals via EEG shall be provided. The workshop is intended for beginners in EEG signal processing but intermediate users will find it informative as well.


  • To enable the participants to understand the concept of EEG signal processing for neural state identification.
  • To train professionals to work with time-stamped data.
  • To provide an exposure of above techniques in MATLAB.
  • To provide the participants a foundation of the emerging field of biomedical signal processing

Workshop #2              TOP

Title of the Workshop:
- Applications of Image Processing: (A) Image Watermarking for forgery detection and self-recovery (B) Object detection and tracking
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Irshad Ahmad Ansari
- Electronics and Communication Engineering, PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur
Email addresses:
Description of the special session/workshop:
(A) Image Watermarking for forgery detection and self-recovery: With the development of multimedia and information technology, sharing of data has become very easy and fast. But the same technology has also made the security and privacy of our personal/confidential data quite vulnerable. This has eventually led to the study of data security techniques that help in the protection of data. Digital images are also a form of digital data. As these images are easily available on internet, illegal copying and false ownership claims have become two major issues of concern. The security of images can be achieved by the encryption techniques but this restricts visibility of images to only those who know the correct decryption key. This problem has led to the idea of putting some security trace into the image and later verifying the same for its authenticity.
(B) Object detection and tracking: Security is an essential aspect of our day to day life. Security threats cause financial or social loss to the organization/ public. A manual screening is possible for the less crowded areas but the situation become much more complex in the crowded areas like airports, shopping malls, railways, offices where manual detection not remain an option because of limited resource. Moreover, manual video surveillance is a sort of privacy breach to the individuals. In such a situation, video surveillance can prove to be very useful because of its diverse nature. A non-contacted surveillance does not affect the general public of that area and let the things go very smoothly with the same benefit as the manual screening. Inspired by these ideas, image processing based object detection and tracking become quite popular these days.


  • To make participants familiar with image processing techniques
  • To comprehend the importance of image watermarking & object tracking
  • Algorithm development to understand the image watermarking based forgery detection and self-recovery
  • Algorithm development to understand the object detection and tracking
  • Test the algorithms in real time
  • Mining and imparting the idea for future research in the domain of image watermarking & object tracking

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Paper Submission :
31st August, 2018--CLOSED--
Paper Acceptance :
20 September, 2018
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21 October, 2018--CLOSED--
Registration :
25 October, 2018--CLOSED--
Date of Conference :
21 - 23 December, 2018

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